Web Application Development Web Application Development

At MCS, we have a team of highly professional and skilled web developers who not only teach you how to do web programming but provide you in-depth knowledge of practical web development, how to develop an optimized web systems in terms of usability, speed, performance and security, follow the latest trends, methodologies, approaches and tools used in web development, and let you know what are the various web revenue models.

This course will provide a solid foundation on basic concepts web development and development practices used. Practical knowledge on content and client-side components like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, multimedia will be focused highly during the training. Students will also be able to identify, develop, and implement various SEO techniques besides learning about Development life cycle, MVC Based Development Model, PHP in Yii2 framework, MYSQL.

We provides web development training for candidates who want to build a career as a web developer. Web developer can start a career in different platforms like PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, client side interface design and so on.

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