Security Solution Security Solution

Maskey Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with all those resources like man power, goods and products that will meet all the expectations of an organization willing to implement security. EESC can be trusted as it has been established by intellectual people who have taken responsibility to govern society in good way like professors, IT professionals and social workers.


The ultimate mission of our company is to provide turnkey solutions for security.


i. Providing sales, installation and repair for all electronic security items as the demand of market.

ii. Providing post sales services for enhancing customers satisfaction.

iii. Providing software related to accessories as per requirement of customers.


The main objective of EESC is to provide world class security to customers. Along with this we also have following objectives:

i. To provide breakthrough in price and quality

ii. To provide crystal clear image in compact size

iii. To provide security system according to requirement of customer and market trend

iv. To take burden of security from customers to our shoulder.

v. To provide services by considering our responsibility towards our society.

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