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mAcademia is platform to connect Academia, Students and Business houses by their mutual requirements, where Colleges are connected to thousands of Business houses and vice versa, students can be hired by Business houses according as their performance on mAcademia.

Hiring right talent in right time has always been challenge to the businesses and organizations. To bridge this gap “Maskey Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd” (MCS) has come up with the solution to bring academic institutions and business into a single platform. And along with the academic curriculum of university students are taught the real practicals that can be applied in business needs. Therefore, hiring talent directly from humongous pool of ready to work student from different colleges directly is possible.

Furthermore, MCS will provide project management tool on cloud, “Today’s need of business” to all the businesses those are subscribed on - “mAcademia”.


  1. Collaboration: Open gates for business houses in Academic institutions. Business requirement and knowledge can be shared seamlessly.
  2. Marketing: Business can go to institutions with offers for products and services they have. We’ll help them to make their content ready for academia.
  3. Talent Acquisition: Business will have access to student's overall profile. If that suits business need, they can directly hire or business can hire multiple talents at a time.
  4. Trainings: Business can conduct any training as per their requirement to the listed academic institutes.
Data Analytics: Business can conduct any research related to market, product or any other matter, mAcademia will help to analyse data using different softwares, experts and data scientists.
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