mFactory mFactory

Main Features

Complete package

mFactory is the complete solution for the small,medium and huge Factory and Production Industry.

Add on mobile app

Software has add on mobile app of MR by which MR and masters related work can be done


Mobile Application has integrated on Main application by which Company has full control over MR activity.

Other Feature:

User Friendly

Can be handle/used by anyone having basic knowledge of computer.

Add on feature

All required modules are included, and can be added in future.

24/7 support

24/7 on line support,6*8 on site business day support.

Easy Access

Information at finger tips.

Multi-user support

Can be enabled access from entire Factory.

Effort reduction

Can reduce human effort by 30 to 40%.

Easy Reporting System

Efficiency on daily work and reporting.

Less paper work

Save paper cost heavily so helps going green.

Linux Support

Built on true 64bit Ubuntu Linux Operating system.


Web based software, built security and performance in mind.

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