Tesla Air Conditioner
Tesla Air Conditioner
Company Profile:

At Tesla , we believe in simplifying life, which is why we constantly innovate, bring in world-class technology, newer concepts and incorporate advanced features in our products to make life comfortable. Our world class R&D centers work day and night to develop products which are durable, responsive , energy efficient, environment friendly and can exceed expectations of our customers. Tesla Air Conditioner go through extensive menu quality tests to ensure that our customers get hassle free experience.

We understand that today air conditioners are not merely cooling and heating devices, but an integral part of costumer’s life which enhances the quality of life by providing various innovative cooling and heating solutions. Not only the best product , we also strive to serve our costumers in the best possible manner, so we have our many Tesla Customer Sales and Service Centers all across Nepal.

We are passionate about exceeding your expectation and we look forward to bringing innovative cooling and heating solutions to you.


Address : Kshetrapur 02, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal

Website: http://www.tesla.com.np